Anonymous said: What do you plan on doing about the grimbark homestuck fandom?

The fuck is a grim bark? Are they a dog now or something?


((Omg guys, ignore that one pic if you guys saw it, I didn’t realize I was logged into this account. Sorry))


Anonymous said: Ever heard of a thing called silently breaking? Maybe that's what's happening to Homestuck and you're just too much of an ass to realize it.

Then I’ll just have to wait for that to happen. Besides, it’s a shitty fandom anyway. It’s not even interesting until Act 5, apparently.


Anonymous said: Have you met the vocaloid fandom?

What’s a Vocaloid?


harrypotter-fandomstuck said: --* Magic anons are demons. I can prove it. they turned me into a chick. Have any advice for dispelling them?

I just kind of waited it out, since I was a kid and all. But hey, what they’ve done to you doesn’t seem that bad.


Anonymous said: You're proof on Homestuck may not be true, if you think about it, he could be cosplaying, you know dressing up purely out of spirit of the fandom. And have you ever though that when you're being mean to him, you are really hurting him?

If I was truly hurting him, he would have retaliated by now. Besides, if it was cosplay, the grey would have come off with all the water I’ve thrown at him.


imsorryidonttranslateidiot said: I love you.

I know you do. I’m just that amazing.


Valentine’s Day

Alright, I guess I could say Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever, but it’s not like it’s important. I mean, I don’t really have a special someone, but if you guys are happy with whatever the hell you guys got, that’s cool.


Anonymous said: *serenades you*

Thanks, I guess.


imsorryidonttranslateidiot said: Is there anyone that you want to be your valentine?


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